Part 2: Equiped and Ready – Things Keeping us Alive

Caro lying on the ground with her equipment all around her.
Caro with her equipment (Pictures by Tore Morhenn)

After Introducing you to our bikes, there’s only one thing left for us to show before the journey starts: our equipment. Although we knew we’d be carrying only  4-5 kilos luggage per person, we didn’t have a practical storage solution. That raised the question: How can we store all the equipment?


EVOC Explorer Pro 26
Our choice: The EVOC Explorer Pro 26 is the ideal solution for our purposes.

Actually, that was one of the first questions we asked ourselves during our tour preparations. The rough terrain meant that large-volume Enduro bags weren’t an option. We ultimately decided on backpacks, but we didn’t want the feeling of riding 1700 km with chimpanzees on our backs. We finally found what we were looking for with the EVOC Explorer Pro 26. Its short overall length, neutral load distribution and good ventilation make it the ideal companion on our tour through Spain.

Apparel & Protection

Two of the most important items on such long trips are functional clothing and protection. The clothing must breathe actively and be robust & comfortable. Only then can we withstand temperatures over 35°C from above and even higher temperatures from below.

Andi Schweiger: Fully equiped with Scott Enduro Pants
Ortema: Safety first


Bike trousers? We chose the Scott Enduro Pants, because the legs are preformed, with ventilation openings and integrated knee protectors – ideal for our purpose. The jersey is a MAGURA product. It was designed together with Maloja and is perforated for optimal ventilation on the front.

In addition to our knee protectors, we also use Ortema orthoses. They prevent the knee getting twisted if we fall or get tangled up with obstacles. Without an orthosis, a tour all too often comes to a quick end thanks to lengthy knee injuries. To prevent the orthoses from rubbing on bare skin, we use orthosis stockings, also from Ortema. For the upper body protectioin we count on Ortho-Max protection jackets.

Helmets & Goggles

True to the motto “The head is the most important muscle”, we chose the Shoei VFX-WR helmet. It’s light and very well ventilated, with a double-D fastener and an EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System). After a fall, the helmet can be safely removed from the head by removing the cheek pads, but we hope we won’t need that feature! However, it’s better to have something than to need it and not have it.

Lightweight with great ventilation: The Shoei VFX-WR
The brain is your most important muscle – keep it safe!


We chose Scott goggles that match the helmet. They have excellent sizing & fitting features and a high-quality, double-glazed lens. The goggles are also anti-fog coated and they minimise optical distortion.

The Scott Prospect Enduro goggles offered the best fit in combination with the Shoei VFX-WR helmet.


Of course we also want to document our trip and give you as much real-time info as possible about the trip – and what could be better for this than a set of GoPros? We’ll be keeping you up to date next week thanks to a few “Heroes” and the “Fusion” 360° camera!

Captured for eternity – or at least for the grandchildren: Six Hero and Session GoPros and one GoPro Fusion 360° camera help us capturing each perspective.


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(Pictures by Tore Morhenn)