Part 1: Equiped and Ready – Bike Check

1700 kilometres – that’s how far we’ll be travelling, from Benicassim to Bilbao. There will be no escort vehicles, nobody on call if problems occur. It’s a heck of a long way. Our equipment amounts to 4 Husqvarna Enduros, 4-5 kg luggage per person and what we carry on our bodies. Our equipment must be 100% reliable.

In Part 1  we present you our bikes. If you want to know, what else we need to survive check out Part 2 and see what our packing list looks like.

Bike Check

Customized Husqvarna TE 300i of Tibor Simai
Customized Husqvarna TE 300i of Tibor Simai (Pictures by Tore Morhenn)

We found a really reliable sponsor for our tour… Husqvarna. We have six motorcycles at our disposal – four for us and one each for the photographer and the guide. We’ll have almost the entire Husqvarna Enduro range on the tour –

1 x TE 250i (two-stroke)
2 x TE 300i (two-stroke)
1 x FE 250 (four-stroke)
1 x FE 350 (four-stroke)
1 x FE 450 (four-stroke)

The frame construction of the machines is made of chrome-molybdenum steel. Together with the carbon fibre rear frame, this ensures a low overall weight and high durability. The machines are also equipped with WP spring elements that offer a balance between comfort and traction.

WP Enduro Shock in a Husqvarna TE 300i
Reliable performance: Chassis by WP
Engine of Husqvarna TE 300i
Husqvarna Enduro Line: Frame construction made of chrome-molybdenum steel.

All the bikes are equipped with MAGURA hydraulic clutch systems ex works. The advantages of a hydraulic system are clear on this kind of tour – less manual strength is needed to operate the clutch and that reduces arm fatigue, a real plus when you have to sit on a machine 10 hours a day ploughing through impassable terrain. The bite point also remains stable even at high operating temperatures in extreme conditions. In the long term, MAGURA’s hydraulic clutch is characterised by a low degree of wear & tear and an extremely low level of maintenance.

Clutch Lever by MAGURA on a Husqvarna TE 300i
Easy to use and 100% reliable: Hydraulic clutch system by MAGURA
MAGURA 2 piston brake caliper
The Husqvarna enduro line is equipped with complete braking systems – including the caliper (2 pistons in the front).
MAGURA Rear Brake Caliper
MAGURA Rear Brake Caliper (1 piston).


The brakes of the Enduros are also from MAGURA – and for the first time a complete braking system consisting of brake fittings and brake callipers will be used, with 2-piston brake callipers on the front wheel and 1-piston brake callipers on the rear wheel. This ensures sufficient braking force and good modulation – even with hard, continuous use.

Tools & Spare Parts

The remaining equipment will consist of what we carry on our bodies and 4-5 kg of additional luggage. Most of the extra luggage consists of spare parts, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll be taking a lot of it with us! The list is actually quite short –

  • 2 spark plugs for two-strokes
  • 2 spark plugs for four-stroke engines
  • Spark plug wrenches
  • 3 MAGURA brake levers
  • 3 MAGURA clutch levers
  • 4 hoses
  • 1 repair kit
  • 1 litre of oil for each of the 2-strokes
Motorcycle spare parts
Some spare parts for the trip.

OK, maybe we’re being a bit too optimistic – but on the other hand, if we were prepared for all eventualities, it wouldn’t really be an adventure, would it?

Want to know how the adventure continues? Check out Part 2 of our Equipment story!

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(Pictures by Tore Morhenn)