Up Front and Behind the Camera

Epic view.

Some of you may be wondering: Who takes the photos during the trip? And how do the four riders know exactly where to go?

Those of you who have been following #fromcoast2coast from the outset already know Javi and José.Javi is our photographer and José is the guide who makes sure we arrive safely. It’s high time we introduced the two of them to you properly!


José started riding enduro 23 years ago. His love of this hobby started when he was just a boy with a Vespa on enduro trails.

José knows the region very well and guides us from Benicassim to Bilbao.
José in his garage with his own motorcacle.

He’s now 51 years old, but his passion for motorcycling is as fierce as it was on the first day. José has two professions – he’s a driving instructor and a restorer of old houses. If there was a Spanish McGyver series, José would be the perfect man for the role! His incredible talent for improvisation helped us a lot when we encountered problems and challenges of all kinds.

He works as a KTM Adventure Guide in the Benicassim area from November to March every year. The #fromcoast2coast is the dream tour for him, because it ends in Bilbao on his favourite trails.


Javi Eccevaría Ruiz – The genius behind the camera.

Javi is a photographer and producer. He used to be an MX pro and first sat on a motocross bike at the age of 14. Javi is passionate about everything that has two wheels: enduros, motocross, MTB, racing bicycles, etc.

We knew Javi was fit – but on day 5, we saw that he was a really tough customer, because he had a bad crash at speed, dislocating his shoulder and injuring his hip and elbow. But when we pulled his upper arm bone back into its socket, he got back on his bike and rode on – almost as if nothing had happened.

Javi is on the road with his production company “The Who” at various events for different racing teams and companies. Before he decided to join the ranks of the self-employed, he was assistant to Sebas Romero, the world-famous photographer and producer.

This tour is a challenge for Javi (in a positive sense), not only because it’s long, strenuous and exhausting. He also has to carry a lot more luggage than the other riders – and that makes the trip even more difficult for him.


If you want to know more about Javi, follow him on Instagram @livelike_javi_thewho. You’ll also find pictures of him on our Instagram channel, @magura_powersports.