From Benicassim to Bilbao – This is the Route

Let’s go: checking the route on the map

We have to make one thing clear from the outset – not one of us knows the exact route! It’s not that we have an inexperienced guide, because José knows the area like the back of his hand.

No, the reason for the uncertainty lies elsewhere – our route isn’t classed as being high-risk, but one of its features is the fact that it is constantly changing. Every year it’s like a journey into the unknown, no matter how often you travel the route.

Another feature of our trip is the weather. No one knows whether the routes we’ve chosen will be passable, or if we’ll have to abandon our planned route and go around new obstacles. Paths and byways changed by rain, rockfalls and other environmental influences may make our planned routes impassable.

The road to Benicassim: probably the last time we’ll cover such a distance on tarmac.

This is why we’re planning for a 1700 km trip, although it’s 1300 km on the map. Over six days, this amounts to around 300 km per day. Anyone who has already covered this distance in a day on a road machine can perhaps imagine the stress level that awaits us in the difficult terrain. In spite of these obstacles, and also because of them, we’re all very excited and curious about the trip. On our journey, we’ll cross many different landscapes, ranging from dry and desert-like areas to mountainous regions and flat sections that are green and wooded.

As you can see, friends, it’s a real adventure that we’re facing, an excursion into the unknown. The only thing we really know is that our destination is Bilbao… and we have six days to get there.

Andi will change his Flip-Flops against motorcycle boots soon.


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