Day 7: Welcome to Bilbao: We made it!

Welcome to Bilbao: Finally there!

We’ve reached our destination! Who would have believed that a cook, a mother of three, a motorbike licence newbie and an ex-mountain bike professional could cover the 1500 kilometres from Benicassim to Bilbao in seven days? Contrary to our expectations, however, the last stage was really tough. We were already at the end of our collective tether exhaustion-wise – but the demands on our riding skills during this stage eclipsed all we had faced on the previous days.

The toughest part of this stage was traversing a mountain. OK, there was a narrow hiking trail – if you could call it that, because we could hardly see it! We battled our way down the unbelievably steep and rugged terrain to the foot of the mountain. Caro: “I wouldn’t even ride a mountain bike down here – and I have to do it on a motorcycle!”

I spy with my little eye: So, where is the trail?
Steep descend: The rugged and steep terrain demanded the last bit of our strength.

After that we went through a stretch of forest. It was dangerous and madly exciting… pure motocross! The speed at which we rode over and through the obstacles was crazy. Tibor’s oil bottle even broke and the oil spread all over him. Caro also looked like a dirt-spattered warrior after her favourite stretch, which was covered in deep mud – how she loved that!

Even more mud!
Teamwork: The best way to overcome obstacles.

When we finally arrived in Bilbao, we were so relieved that we fell into each other’s arms, laughing happily. We couldn’t believe that we had really done it! Götz and Caro were our daredevils, but we all agreed that the Iron Man award for the trip should go to Javi – he must be made of stone and have nerves of steel, because even after his heavy fall and his dislocated shoulder, he rode on and took photos as if nothing had happened!

High spirits after all those exertions.

I can truthfully say that in the last 7 days we have all pushed our levels of stamina and courage to the absolute limit. But now it’s time to relax. Our flight leaves on Wednesday, and until then? We’ll be taking it easy and enjoying our success!