Day 6: More relaxed, less technical

No better place to experience a beutiful sundown.

After the hard effort of the last 5 days, the relaxing trip through Spain’s back country on Day 6 was like balm for our souls! For the first time this week, the odour of smelly boots and socks was gone, replaced by the sweet smell of lavender and thyme. It was a nice change for us to experience the landscape with our other senses – and to have the time to enjoy it.

OK, there was one short but extremely challenging section of the route to be mastered – and it proved to be the steepest descent of the last six days. It was so steep, in fact, that we had to ride down with our front and rear brakes almost blocked!

Quite challenging: It was the steepest descend until now.

This was a special challenge for Tibor, because his bad toe prevented him from operating the rear brake while standing… and the howling of his engine being used as a brake was just unbelievable! But we all mastered the descent – and of course it was a piece of cake for our daredevils Götz and Caro after their fearless riding of the last 5 days.

Who needs them anyway? Those plates are way too big.
Well, we knew there would be some scratches. Still it hurts a little, when we look at that.

But the past six days have taken their toll on us. And that means not only us, but also our motorcycles. On this kind of a drive there’s no way to avoid scrapes, scratches and cracks. But the amazing thing is that we’ve come this far without any mechanical defects, in spite of the bruising terrain. At no time did we feel that we couldn’t rely on our motorcycles.

The MAGURA brake system did its job perfectly.
…and another scratch. Whose bike is it actually?

So far, we’ve covered more than 1200 km, all of it in off-road country. It remains to be seen whether we make it to Bilbao tomorrow or not – but I’m sure we can do it!

There was one more positive today as well – nobody crashed! None of us got hurt, and we reached the hotel before 8 p.m. This gave us the opportunity to gather our wits and our strength before the last stage. Bilbao here we come!

Relaxed: Tibor relieving his toe and looking damn cool.