Day 5: Unexpected Turbulences

Crossing of a streambed and a steep climb: A challenging combination.

This is Day 5 of our coast-to-coast trip. We still have two days of hard riding ahead of us, but we’re really glad we’re out of that desert – with temperatures of around 46°C, it was exhausting and a real test of our mettle.

As we get closer to our destination, it’s becoming more and more obvious to all of us that our riding skills have really improved since we started out in Benicassim. We were all a bit afraid of some of the tricky and downright dangerous parts of the route we encountered when we started out, but now we’re getting through these rough sections with flying colours thanks to the new skills we’ve gradually gained. Caro and Götz are our two daredevils! Götz, for example, mastered one of the steepest climbs on his own, but this journey will also have a lasting positive effect on the riding skills of Andi and Tibor.

Götz managed the probably steepest section on this day alone.

Despite all our daily successes, we can all feel the energy-sapping exhaustion in us. Fatigue isn’t the only problem, however – the more physically exhausted we get, the harder it is for us to stay focused at high speeds off-road or in technically-demanding terrain – and Andi unfortunately found out what can happen when you let your concentration slip! We were riding down a mountain path, but it was washed out and streaked with gullies. Normally you would drive around these gullies, but Andi rode right into them and crashed.

The long and steep climb was the bigest challenge this day.

He was ok, but that was the second bad experience that had hit us that day, because just before Andi went down, Javi had crashed… and it didn’t look good for him. However, he was able to carry on later and he seems to be doing well – but that crash reminded us yet again that they can happen, even if the rider doesn’t make a mistake.

We were riding in line, with a distance of about 10 to 15 meters between each of us. The surface was stony and loose. The rider in front of Javi dislodged a stone, which Javi just couldn’t avoid. His front wheel hit it, the motorcycle skidded, and he hit the ground at 30-40 km/h. When Tibor reached him, Javi was still lying on the ground, groggy. He had injured his hip and elbow – and his shoulder was dislocated.

Javi collects himself: After the crash a longer break was necessary.
Stricken: Calming down, going for the shadow…
… and providing first aid.After all that Javi was able to ride again. What a machine!

We patched him up as best we could and took a longer break. Javi then astonished us all by getting back on his bike and riding on, almost as if nothing had happened!

Nice garage: In here our bikes will spend the night.

We were very glad to reach the hotel for the night – but before we all more or less fell into our beds, we all agreed that although the day had been so hard, and we still had two full days to go… giving up wasn’t an option!


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