Day 4: Desert Ride at 46°C


There’s nothing like a good breakfast.

We’ve reached the halfway point. This is now Day 4 of our trip through Spain. After yesterday’s unfortunate encounter between Tibor’s toe and a large rock we weren’t sure whether he’d be able to continue. But a good night’s sleep can solve a lot of problems, and in the morning he was ready to get back in the saddle. His toe was badly bruised, but luckily not broken. So the watchword was “grit your teeth and keep going”.

Despite his annoying injury Tibor is not losing his good vibes.
No troubles, no defects: The enduro bikes by Husqvarna run like crazy.

And indeed, it turned out that Tibor needed extra grit in his condition: the throbbing pain made it almost impossible for him to operate the rear brake, so he had to regulate his speed with the front brake and the engine. Engine braking is not only impractical, it’s loud. Tibor’s 2-stroke engine is plenty loud as it is, and all the braking took a heavy toll on his hearing. As if the 46°C (115°F) heat weren’t enough…

Our route on Day 4, from Atienza to Quintarnar de la Sierra, first took us through open terrain with scattered bushes and rocks. By midday we were in forest again, but luckily this time there were no fallen trees to slow our progress.

Marvellous scenery: Ruins of long ago times.
Approaching the forest of the north.

In spite of two falls in recent days, we can feel good about ourselves: Götz has rediscovered the joys of enduro riding. Andi and Caro have improved their skills considerably and take pleasure in the rough surprises that Spain’s landscape keeps providing.

Look at me: Within only a few days Caro improved her skills by a 1000%.

Before we start on Day 5 tomorrow, we’ll give our motorbikes a thorough check. They’ve taken a huge beating, so it’s time to retighten screws, retension our chains and clean our air filters.

But that’s not for this evening. We going to give ourselves some rest before taking off again tomorrow.

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