Day 3: Pain of the Apocalypse

The most scenic trip so far.

On morning of the third day Götz, who had given his knee a day of rest, decided to join us on the terrain. We know Götz – he’s not the kind of guy who gives up easily. But we didn’t expect him to show that kind of toughness.

Fast route, less technical: Until Tibors injury the route was fun for everyone.

The route for the day took us along the Tagus River. It runs from east to west all the way to Lisbon and is the longest river in Spain. The countryside was dry and desertlike, but in places along the river there was lush, green vegetation – delightful scenery that we enjoyed for 70 to 80 km. The track itself consisted of very fine, white limestone sand. We generated huge amounts of dust, creating a dramatic atmosphere that Javi captured well in the photos.

Playground for adults: This rock formation invites to play around.

As for the technical requirements, Day 3 was a wellness holiday compared to the two days before it. We made good time and stayed focused because we knew that even a small mistake could have big consequences. And that’s what Tibor soon learned the hard way.

Tibor had been keeping an eye on Götz all day, helping him regain confidence after his fall on Day 1. On an easy ascent Tibor drove ahead of Götz to make a path. The sun at this time was low in the sky and the grass was high, concealing a big rock that Tibor encountered a second later: his right foot caught on it and stuck.

What followed than could only be described as pain of the apocalypse. Tibor howled for all he was worth, for a full 10 minutes. And those of us who know him can attest that he’s no sissy. Finally the pain subsided and the group started off again. A short time later, all had arrived at the hotel, more or less in good spirits.

That’s how it looks: Pain of the Apocalypse.
Götz takes care of the the stricken comrade.
Waiting for the pain to subside.

As for Tibor’s toe, by that time it had swollen to the size of a zeppelin. It remains to be seen whether he’ll be able to drive on the next day.

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