Day 2: Welcome to Hell

One of the faster sections on day two.

We set off on the second leg of our trip minus one man. That was because Götz had injured his knee on Day 1 and needed a day of rest. To give the knee some time to heal, he took the asphalt road to La Toba – good for him because, once again, it was hell for us.

Andi puctured his tire which…
…was repaired within ten minutes thanks to José.

Things went fine at the start, and we covered a large part of our route in the morning. In spite of a small mishap (Andi had a flat front tire) we made good time, reaching speeds of up to 110 km/h – not bad on gravel and loose soil. After a light lunch we were back on the trail – and that’s when the trouble began.

This is Mother Hell: Dozens of fallen trees blocking our way.

Once again, our route took us through a large forest. The problem was that there must have been a heavy storm in the area only a short time ago. Dozens of fallen trees littered the trail, blocking our path. This unexpected challenge cost us lots of time and strength: lifting – or driving – a 140-kg machine over 40- to 50-cm trunks is no easy task.

With the right technique passing the trees got less diffcult – but not less exhausting.
Strung out: Andi taking a well-deserved break.

After a drive of 236 km we arrived in La Toba. Although we were totally exhausted, we were also happy, because Day 3 promised to be easier. The route would take us along a river, away from vegetation and onto dry territory.

The day lies behind us: Arriving somewhere never felt so good!

Another advantage was that a paved road would run nearby, parallel to our route. Encouraged by this knowledge, Götz decided to join us again on the terrain in spite of his injury.

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