Day 1: Harder Than Expected

We all knew this wouldn’t be a walk in the park. But none of us thought we’d be pushed so close to our limits on the first day. There was every kind of terrain imaginable: rocky subsoil, a steep forest slope, a dry river bed and a wet river crossing – and that’s just a sample of the insults served up by Spain’s topography.

Steep and blocked terrain.
One of the easier segments on this day.

At one point we saw that a section of our planned route was simply impassable, so we took an alternative stretch through a forest. But there was no real path, and our “imaginary” track took us straight up a steep incline. The forest floor, which usually gives good traction, was cluttered with little pine cones that posed a mean challenge, especially for the two-stroke machines.

The steep, woody section brought us to our limit.

Let me explain: Husqvarna provided us with two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles for the trip. They differ mainly in weight and pickup. Whereas the four-stroke machines accelerate fairly evenly, the lighter two-strokers are really aggressive and require good handling. If you’re looking for more details, take a look at Tech Talk between Andi and Tibor in the daily recap starting at minute 12:17 (German only)!

Seems like we did something right here: The holding device improvised by José survived the day.
Success: José and Götz.

The forest demanded its toll. Just before he got there, Götz took a fall and hurt his knee. The ascent which followed took both him and Caro to their limits. So the two continued on foot while Tibor and Andi drove their bikes over the hill. Finally they all had the forest behind them and arrived in the evening at the hotel.

Time for a break: Götz is exhausted – like everyone of us.
Good place to relax: We spent some time here during one of our three breaks.

The total numbers of the first day give an insight of how intense the first day was: we covered a distance of 192km, including 3600 meters up and 3200 down. the pure riding time was 9:20h and total time on the road was around 14 hours. Our average speed was 20km/h.

For more details and short interviews take a look at the recap video of the day (only German language):

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