Day 0: Arriving in Spain


Ready to Rock: On the Road to Benicassim.

In the famous words of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, “The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley” – meaning they can often go haywire… and our plans certainly did that when we arrived in Spain! We had decided to take a taxi to the transport company and pick up our motorcycles there – but the taxi drivers were on strike, and we had to think again.

Our Guide José: Due to the cabs on strike he had to pic us up at the airport.

A few phone calls later and José was waiting in front of the airport terminal with his car and a trailer. We drove to the transport company together and waited for the truck to arrive with our motorcycles. We were tired, hungry and really looking forward to a break – but that didn’t happen, because the truck arrived shortly after us and we started unloading our motorcycles.

We were rudely interrupted when the boss of the transport company arrived and made it abundantly clear that he wanted us off his premises! Apparently, he knew nothing about us and our motorcycles, and we tactfully withdrew while Götz tried to resolve the matter.

Important breakes: After escaping the argumentative boss of the logistics company, we definitively earned it.
Not losing the good mood!

Many phone calls later everything was settled, and we travelled to Benicassim with the motorcycles, where we started preparing our equipment for the trip.

Improvisation is key: We managed to build a holding device out of old bicycle tubes and parts from a Spanish fence.
Adjusting the bikes to our personal needs and preferences.
Last preparations.
Never losing the good vibes: Andi in action.

Also we made some modifications to our machines. The work was done by late evening and at last we could take the break we’d been yearning for – until departure the next morning at 6:30 a.m.


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