Carpathian MTB Epic – Wild, Rugged, Epic! (Day 1-3)

The untamed Carpathians awaited us for a real adventure. And they delivered! Our first throwback of the first stages. One day to go!

The nature, the mountains, the wild life and untamed weather. This race hits us will all facets of real mountainbiking!

Instead of forest highways the first days were all about nature trails. Awesome tracks on stunning mountain ridges were followed by hard downhills and rocky uphills. Unfortunately the weather forecast told the truth and right from the start our two employees had to face rain and ankle high mud. A real test for material and endurance!

As if the mountain stages with more than 2000m climbing each day aren’t hard enough, Dominik had some hard stomach problems on day 2 and was forced to take a longer break at the Tech & Feed Zone. Even if he had wanted to quit, there would have been no possibilities for a Plan B. There are no streets back or shortcuts in the carpathian wildness. After he lost his stomach contents on the trail, he tried to bite on his teeth and continued the race. Fortunately he was able to eat again after he finished the stage totally empty and out of the front groups.

Roland (Age Group 40-50) is performing well with a solid and consistent pace in the leading groups of his competitors. With a great uphill pace he was able to finish 4th on both the Prolog and Stage 1. He even rewarded his performance with a place three on stage 2 in his age group.

Tech Overview:

We are pretty happy, that we decided to go for full suspension bikes with potent downhill setups. Every stage contains rocky and rough terrain and hours of mud. A good suspension and a dropper post are key!

DominikĀ“s Bike after Stage 2:

Covered in mud. Stage 2 was shortened by 8km due to bad weather conditions and our riders even had to wash their bikes during the race in a river to keep the wheels turning.

The Final:

One more time. The King Stage of the Carpathian Epic awaits us. And the weather forecast is as always pretty wet.