Carpathian MTB Epic – Bike Check

Even the tiniest detail has to be right when you’re riding an MTB for 171 km through the Carpathians! A look at the competition bikes of our riders. #customizeyourbrake

Listening to the organizer and some riders who have taken part in earlier races, rough trails and Enduro-like stages will be lying in wait for us in Romania. So our bike choice was clear from the outset – Marathon Fullys!

Bike check: Dominik’s Müsing Petrol 2C

120 mm front, 110 mm rear and still light enough for climbing. Dominik is counting on some more reserves and a lot of riding enjoyment in the Carpathian Epic.


Bike check: Roland’s Bianchi Methanol FS

Extravagant and unmistakably pure-bred. Roland’s 100 mm Fully by the Italian cult brand Bianchi is just begging to be driven forward.


Brake check: #customizeyourbrake!

In line with the motto “No one´s hands are the same”, MAGURA offers more than 648 options to individually adapt your own brake to match your requirements. This is our choice:

Performance: Choice of brake model, discs & pads

With a rider weight of around 70kg, both will be relying on the MAGURA MT8 Raceline. This competition-proven, two-cylinder flagship is a true lightweight that takes no prisoners as far as performance is concerned. The one-piece forged brake calliper offers maximum brake power and stability despite its low weight. For longer descents, both of our riders will use STORM SL.2 brake discs with diameters of 180 mm & 160 mm. Both chose the golden MAGURA Race Pads for maximum deceleration.

Ergonomics: Choosing the right lever blade

As we say, no two hands are alike – and MAGURA offers a total of five different lever blade options to make the contact point with the brake as comfortable as possible. Dominik opted for a MAGURA HC3 lever blade for his Müsing. With a short shape, the lever blade can be adjusted comfortably close to the handlebars for him – and thanks to adjustable brake power, it gives him a hard braking feeling.

Roland went with the softer bite point feeling of the HC Carbon lever blade. He’ll also save a few grams of weight with this embroidered 1-finger lever blade.

Design: The eye travels with you

True to the #whostopsyou motto, our riders created special designs in the Cover Configurator. The cover rings on the brake callipers match the frame colours perfectly.

First Stage / Prologue:

The race begins with a short but very technical prologue on Thursday. Steep, rocky, gnarly. That’s how we like it!

Stay tuned for our next blog article…