Cape Epic: Bike Check – that’s what the pros are counting on

The Absa Cape Epic presents the absolute superlative of mountain biking every year. Not only the pros meet for the first big showdown of the season, also for the bike manufacturers, the well-known stage race means a first endurance test. Athletes, as well as material, are exposed to extreme situations in hot and dry conditions. Take a look at the racing machines of our MAGURA riders!

Gallery (c) Michal červený

Specialized Racing Team: from zebra to giraffe

Jaroslav Kulahvy´s S-Works
Jaroslav Kulahvy´s S-Works – Picture (c) Michal červený

The pros of the Specialized Racing Team stand out! Not only by their performance and their sovereign appearance, they attract attention, even through their wild bikes they stand out of the crowd. The Absa Cape Epic is perfect for the premiere.

Jaroslav Kulhavy´s racing machine – Gallery (c) Michal červený

The heart of the bike is the Specialized S-Works Epic frame. With built-in brain technology, the complete suspension elements are linked and automatically intelligently regulated. It achieves maximum sensitivity of the sports equipment, allowing Annika Langvad, Jaroslav Kulhavy, Sam Gaze and Co to achieve maximum pedaling efficiency. On top of that there is a special design for Annika and Jaroslav; last year, with black and white crosswalks, this year, the bikes are decorated with abstractly colored giraffe patches.

Annika Langvad´s racing machine – Gallery (c) Michal červený

While Annika uses a dropper seatpost, the other pros grab the regular stiff seatposts. The drive is equipped with powermeters and allows the professionals to achieve optimal performance monitoring.

Anna van der Breggen´s racing machine – Gallery (c) Michal červený

Another eye-catcher: the MAGURA MT8 Raceline in bright neon yellow. Since 2017, the team relies on our brakes, which can be customized both visually and functionally through special customization options. With our unique Carbotecture material, we can offer our riders minimal weight and maximum stability. Equipped with two pistons, we grant maximum safety on the track.

Christoph Sauser´s racing machine – Gallery (c) Michal červený

The choice of tires is usually adjusted once more to the weather and route conditions during the course of the race. The tubeless system saves weight.

Simon Andreassen´s racing machine – Gallery (c) Michal červený

CST Sandd Bafang: Winged with the American Eagle

“Born to Bike” is the motto of Bart Brentjens and his own brand “American Eagle”. Already at the first Olympic Games in mountain bike in 1996, Bart won on an American Eagle, in 2016 he breathed life into the brand together with Henk Schipper again. Together with his team CST Sandd Bafang he brings a new version on time to the Absa Cape Epic.

Compared to some of the competitors, the Dutch rely on a discreet but stylish design. Only a few orange applications put the bicycle builder on a black background. The reason for this; Weight reduction. A coat of paint weighs about 200 grams. That could be a few grams too much in the fight for the medals. The bike gets its good riding characteristics through the components. “Ultralight” is always the motto – from the suspension on the wheels to the brake.

Another advantage on the trails: the lowerable seat post. The tracks at the Absa Cape Epic are very varied. Sections over tar, dusty sand and technical trails require good driving skills of the athletes. A lowerable seat post additionally offers a situation-specific individual adjustment of the bike.

And even with the brakes, the mountain bike pros agree. With our MT8 Raceline they feel ready for the eight days of racing. Once Bart Brentjens won the Olympic Games with our HS33, today he starts with the successor.

The team owes their main sponsor also the grip on the tracks. Despite being tubeless, the tires guarantee puncture protection and safety in technical areas. At the same time they have a rather flat profile with ramp-shaped buttons, which provides speed on the tar and gravel passages.

Centurion Vaude: continuation of a long-standing partnership

In a new cast, the riders of the Centurion Vaude team attack at the Absa Cape Epic. We are happy to be on board with the team. The sponsoring agreement ended in 2013 but we were able to continue this together in 2019.

What remains the same, is the namesake Centurion, whose frame the team has been driving for several years. The bike is designed for the discipline XC Marathon and thus for off-road use. Perfect for the hard days in South Africa.

The suspension of the bike should reduce the impact of bumps on the rider. With that, Jochen Käß, Daniel Geismayr and Co can save a lot of power. In addition, a quick wheel change in breakdowns should be possible by a special quick-release system, despite a plug axis.

The bike of the Team Centurion Vaude gets a special touch with golden applications on the gear and crank.

Cape Epic 2019 – MT8 Raceline von Jochen Käß

Das Cape Epic Bremsensetup von Team Centurion Vaude Athlet Jochen Käß – #racingisyellowHeute startet die erste Etappe des wohl härtesten MTB Etappenrennens der Welt. Jochen zeigt euch, worauf es bei seiner Bremsenwahl ankommt!

Geplaatst door MAGURA op Zondag 17 maart 2019


The special touch gives our MT8 Raceline. “I’m glad to be able to drive the MAGURA MT8 brake again this year, as we just have not any problems with this brake in the last few years and that’s just the A and O of stage racing. To reach the finish safely, without any defects, ” praises rider Jochen Käß.

The team also uses all-rounders and specialists for XC tracks for the tires. The profile ensures good traction and acceleration.