Tailor-made brakes for Loic Bruni

Loic Bruni shows his custom 3D-printed titanium lever-blade.
Loic Bruni and his custom titanium lever-blade.

No one’s hands are the same – so why should all brakes have the same lever? DH World Champion Loic Bruni and MAGURA went in search of the perfect lever ergonomics – and failed. Instead gaining the knowledge that: ergonomics is a completely individual matter. With the product program #customizeyourbrake MAGURA offers end customers the possibility to adapt their lever ergonomics to their own preference.

Aluminium base with modular lever-shapes out of the 3D-printer.
On the hunt for the perfectly shaped lever-blade: aluminium base with 3D-printed, modular lever-shapes.
Downhill-champion Loic Bruni compares the different lever-blade options.
Downhill-champion Loic Bruni compares the different options for lever-blades.

The work with Athletes has been of immense value to MAGURA. Professional riders like Danny MacAskill and Loic Bruni give valuable insights into the needs of accomplished athletes. The resulting ideas often lead to production-ready products. One good example for this is the HC3 1-finger brake lever for the MAGURA MT7: it was developed together with Danny MacAskill and is now one of the most sought-after retrofit parts for ambitious bikers.

Tailor-made for the world champion

From the start of 2018 MAGURA has officially sponsored the Specialized XC and Gravity Team with our brakes. After the first test camp, it soon became clear that, in particular, world champion Loic Bruni had his own, very precise ideas about braking performance – especially about the ergonomics and the operation of the brake. In a first sketch Loic drew the shape of his desired lever on paper. To better understand his needs and to enable practical testing MAGURA’s development department developed a prototype as a basis for testing.  The “Loic-O-Mat”, as it was called, with a wink, is a combination of a permanently-mounted, aluminium base lever and 13 variations of 3D-printed lever shapes that could be installed and replaced quickly and easily. Loic tried out all the different shapes and lever ratios under real-life conditions and ultimately found his perfect lever form. On this basis MAGURA produced a perfectly tuned lever for Loic which was used at the world cup race in Fort William for the first time.

“Loic’s requirements were quite extreme. He wanted the bite point far away from the handlebars but with an extreme leverage-ratio for full on/off braking power. All or nothing. The short shape of the lever is more flat and straight. At the bite point, the lever is almost parallel to the handlebars, so his finger won’t slip in this position. Loic can move his finger on the wide grip area and take the pressure off it”, says Reiner Künstle, development engineer at MAGURA.

The final prototype of Loics lever is made of 3D printed titanium. Through the use of rapid prototyping the development team were able to realise very short production times without compromising the strength or weight of the lever.

Trials legend Danny MacAskill in a conversation about the ergonomics of lever-blades.
Trials legend Danny MacAskill in a conversation about the ergonomics of lever-blades.
MAGURA offers a multitude of different lever blades, so everybody can get the most out of their brakes.
MAGURA offers a multitude of different lever blades, so everybody can get the most out of their brakes.

Danny MacAskill: Perfect Ergonomics for Maximum Precision

The collaboration with Danny MacAskill produced a completely different lever than Loic Bruni’s choice.

Danny prefers a short brake lever with a minimum reach to keep a firm grip on the handlebars when he jumps from house roofs and during hard landings.

“Danny wanted a completely different feel in his brakes than Loic. As well as having the lever close, he wanted a clear position for his finger. To achieve this, the HC3 lever has almost a recessed grip with a high tip. It’s nothing like Loic’s flat lever“, explains Reiner Künstle.

The edges of his lever are rounded and flat to prevent his fingers from being cut. Thanks to the adjustable transmission ratio of this lever he can change the brake power and modulation. This enables him to stay in control, even in wet conditions. There’s no room for compromise if you have to land on an area the size of a 1 Euro coin from a height of 2 metres.

“The requirements of our athletes differ enormously. We offer them and our customers different lever options to provide the best individual ergonomics and control“, states Heiko Böhle, Head of Product Management at MAGURA.

What if I’m not a pro? #customizeyourbrake

In order to utilise the knowledge obtained by the close cooperation with pro-athletes, MAGURA already can offer a wide range of levers for model year 2019: four levers made of aluminium and carbon and with different ergonomics are available as retrofit parts for end customers. The new range includes Danny MacAskill’s HC3 lever and a new 1-finger lever produced using the carbon-textile embroidery process.

The Loic Bruni lever prototype is currently in its intensive trial phase, during which other athletes test it and give us their optimisation suggestions.


MAGURA Mobility Solutions

MAGURA cockpit study with integrated brakes.
MAGURA cockpit study with integrated brakes.

What will urban mobility look like in the future – and how can we make it safer? This is a question that MAGURA engineers are already answering with new product optimisations and technologies. For the first time, the Eurobike 2018 will see MAGURA presenting a ready-to-ride cockpit unit with fully-integrated brake and internally-installed cable.

Rendering of the cockpit-study by MAGURA.
Fully integrated brakes, cables, lights…
Rendering of the cockpit-study by MAGURA.
…as well as an integrated display in a sleek package.

MAGURA cockpit study with integrated brake

E-bikes have long since established themselves in city traffic and are often almost indistinguishable from ordinary bicycles. Fully-integrated batteries and motors ensure clear design lines and resistance to weather influences.

At this year’s Eurobike trade fair, MAGURA will present a first – a trend-setting design study for fully-integrated cockpit systems. A handlebar stem unit with hydraulic brake, display and front light lies at the heart of the design study, which illustrates how consistent system integration can improve the design and functionality of E-bikes and S-Pedelecs. 

The handlebar unit, manufactured in cooperation with “bike ahead composites”, includes the hydraulic sensor unit for the brakes, a dimmable front light from the manufacturer Supernova, and a display for E-Bike and S-Pedelec operation. Only the two brake levers can be seen from the outside. Thanks to the modern carbon production, the design language of the frame can be absorbed and flows seamlessly into the cockpit – without external cables or protruding displays. 

With this new design study, MAGURA has consolidated its position in the bicycle market as an innovative technology leader in the mobility solutions segment. 

“E-competence is our challenge for the future – and we dedicate ourselves to this challenge with passion, technological know-how and future-oriented cooperations,” says Olaf Müller, MAGURA Managing Director.

HGi heated grips.
The new HGi heated grips…
HGi heated grips.
…allow adjustable heating up to 40°C.

New HGi heated grips for E-bikes

With the new HGi heated grips – and the optimisation of their appearance – MAGURA has once again demonstrated its dedication to the needs of cyclists who are on the road all year round. The heated grips have long been a part of the company’s motorcycle portfolio – and now MAGURA is also offering them for E-Bikes and S-Pedelecs. The new HGi heated grips are powered by the E-Bike battery and are continuously adjustable depending on the interface, up to a maximum temperature of 40°C. The grips will be installed on bicycles of cooperating bicycle manufacturers from 2019.


All MAGURA HS rim brake models have been updated, as we continue to believe in the HS concept as well as the technologies that drive it.
All MAGURA HS rim brake models have been updated, as we continue to believe in the HS concept as well as the technologies that drive it.

All MAGURA HS rim brake models have been updated

Even in this era in which the disc brake prevails, MAGURA continues to believe in the HS concept and the technologies that drive it. This is why the company has optimised all HS models, and equipped them with a new brake hose as part of MAGURA’s product maintenance for model year 2019. The more rigid brake hose ensures a noticeable increase in braking force and a significantly harder bite point. As a result, the brakes of the HS family continue to meet urban requirements – even in today’s E-Bike and S-Pedelec era. 100% problem-free braking is still the hallmark of the HS.

To make it easier to choose the right brake, MAGURA has now given its disc and rim brake models the “e-bike ready” label. This label brings clarity to the new requirements and the additional loads of heavy E-Bikes and S-Pedelecs.

“With their higher masses and speeds above 25 km/h, E-Bikes clearly place higher demands on our brakes. Thanks to this latest product update, our HS models offer even greater stability and braking power and can easily handle these new challenges,” says Heiko Böhle, Product Management at MAGURA.

Problem-free retrofitting on E-Bikes thanks to ABE certification.
Problem-free retrofitting on E-Bikes thanks to ABE certification.

Problem-free retrofitting on E-Bikes – the MAGURA brake disc gets ABE

The new Storm HC brake disc with ABE is proof that innovation is also based on concrete legal requirements.

The legal situation with regard to retrofit components for E-Bikes and S-Pedelecs is often unclear for both customers and dealers – but the fact is, anyone retrofitting a brake disc not approved by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) to their S-Pedelec has no licence and no insurance cover – and both rider and installation partner are liable. 

Since the beginning of 2018, MAGURA has been the only manufacturer to offer a brake disc with ABE. The Storm HC is approved by the KBA for all E-Bikes and S-Pedelecs and, unlike competitors’ products, it can be retrofitted in accordance with its list of uses – and with no legal issues. This means legal certainty – for customers and dealers alike. The situation is similar in the case of the performance and comfort brake pads, which have been approved in accordance with the ECE standard.

As a motorcycle and bicycle industry manufacturer, MAGURA combines various competencies that are becoming increasingly important in the development of new mobility solutions. This makes MAGURA an innovative development partner for safe and future-oriented products.

Customize Your Brake!

The brake can only unfold its true performance, when it’s perfectly adjusted to your needs.

What distinguishes an outstanding brake? We at MAGURA believe in individualization. Only when a brake is perfectly adapted to your needs can it deliver its full performance – and we offer you a wide range of options to get the most out of your MAGURA brake by adapting its ergonomics and its colour to your wishes.

Numerous lever options to optimize ergonomics.


Braking force and modulation – two things that are essential for a good brake. At MAGURA, however, we go one step further – to get the maximum performance from your brake, it must be adapted to your individual needs.

This is why we offer you five different ways of changing the ergonomics of your brake:


The HC3 lever was developed together with Danny MacAskill. It allows the rider to perfectly adapt the lever ergonomics to his or her own preferences. In addition to the lever width, the transmission ratio and consequently the braking force can also be adjusted – a true innovation in the mountain bike sector.

The settings options of the HC3 lever at a glance:

  • Lever width adjustment: Close to the handlebars or further away? The lever width adjustment lets you adjust the lever exactly how you want it to be.
  • Ratio Adjust: By changing the mechanical ratio, you can set the right braking force for any surface:
    • On high-grip surfaces a large transmission ratio = high braking power
    • On slippery surfaces, e.g. wet or muddy, a small transmission ratio = better modulation


The ergonomics of the shorter HC aluminium lever are designed for riders who like to have their levers close to the handlebars and have only one finger on the brake. The weight is almost identical to the 2-finger lever. The 1-finger HC aluminium lever is the perfect choice for drivers who like “short and crisp” braking.

1-FINGER HC, CARBON (ab Modelljahr 2019)

The 1-Finger HC lever comes in a carbon version from model year 2019. The advantages are obvious: The lever is stiffer and lighter, which is especially interesting for weight-oriented drivers.


This is the big brother of the 1-finger HC aluminium lever. Its extra length and reduced curvature makes it particularly suitable for riders with large hands or those who like to have their levers further away from the handlebars. The extra length also provides greater leverage and helps to put the braking force where you need it – on the trail.


The 2-finger carbon lever has the same geometry as the aluminium version. It’s characterized by higher rigidity and an extremely low weight.

Fotostory: 9 steps to Change your Lever


Brakes, rotors and pads need to work together perfectly to offer maximum performance.


Even the strongest brake must first be able to apply its power on the trail. MAGURA brake discs and pads harmonise perfectly with your brake, because they dissipate heat reliably and deliver maximum braking power even under muddy and wet conditions – and all at low noise levels. You can choose between three different brake discs and pads to match your particular riding style:


The Storm HC brake disc is suitable for extreme, very demanding rides. Whether in the Downhill World Cup, at the trial shows of Danny MacAskill or at the Enduro World Series, the Storm HC will give you the best braking performance even with high loads. NEW: From model year 2019 on, the Storm HC has an ABE and can be used with all pedelecs and S-pedelecs (Germany only). 


Weight-oriented XC riders in particular will be delighted with the 160 mm version of the Storm SL.2, which only weighs as much as a bar of chocolate: at 100 grams, it’s the lightest model in the Storm SL.2 family. Even the 180 mm disc diameter version is also surprisingly light at 118 grams. Storm SL.2 brake discs are the perfect retrofit product for all bikers who value stable braking performance with low weight – like marathon world champion Annika Langvad.


The new two-piece Storm CL brake disc is designed for high braking performance at high loads. It is mounted to the hubs provided for this purpose by means of a center lock.


Brake pads in three different compounds: Comfort, Performance, Race


To be prepared for all riding conditions, you can choose between three different brake pads: “Performance”, “Comfort” and “Race”. Available for all MT brake models, these pads come with single linings or double linings for 4-piston callipers.


These pads are suitable for all riders who are looking for excellent performance and a high level of durability. Whether on extended tours or on long bike park days, the “Performance” brake pads will always stop you safely.


“Comfort” brake pads are very interesting for riders who value the best possible modulation. Beginners especially will appreciate the good-natured braking behaviour and the long service life of these brake pads.


These brake pads really bite! They’re designed to deliver the best possible braking power – in all conditions – and are recommended for racing aficionados and performance-oriented riders who need short deceleration times at high speeds.


Countless color combinations to perfectly match your bike…
…with MAGURA Tuning-Parts. #customizeyourbrake


Our tuning parts make an attractive brake even more pleasing to the eye. Give your MAGURA brake an individual look with our coloured clamps and cover kits – with 12 colours there’s something for everyone!


Colour-match your brake calliper to your bike with our calliper cover kits. These kits are available in 12 different colours for all 2- and 4-piston callipers built from 2015 onwards.


These clamps attach the brake to your handlebar reliably and they look good too – the coloured clamps are an absolute highlight! Like the calliper covers, MAGURA also offers the clamps in six colours and three different materials.

Tip: Shiftmix clamps give you even more space on the handlebars – the brake and gear levers are mounted on only one clamp!

125 Jahre MAGURA

Gustav Magenwirth – born 1866 in Bad Urach – establishes MAGURA in the year of 1893.

125 years of MAGURA history, from the gear rack for steering columns – still a symbol in the company’s logo today – to the manufacture of state-of-the-art electronics and high-tech plastics developed in-house. For decades now, MAGURA has been a reliable manufacturer for the motorcycle and bicycle industry and in recent years has been a driving force behind the new and cutting-edge e-mobility. Gustav Magenwirth, born in Bad Urach in 1866, would probably greet this development with a proud smile. He was known as an inventor and thinker who was always far ahead of his time. In his early years, he showed himself to be as flexible as MAGURA is today, on the occasion of its anniversary 125 years after it was founded.

An apprentice and later employee of Karl Benz, Magenwirth later became a manufacturer of engines, hydraulic pumps, plastics as well as motorcycle & bicycle components. Gustav Magenwirth invented one of the milestones in the company’s history, the straight-pull control lever blade for motorcycles, which led to a cooperation with BMW in the motorcycle sector that still exists today. The  combination oftradition and progress at MAGURA is characterised by the fact that Gustav Magenwirth’s family home is now used as the headquarters of the holding company MAGENWIRTH Technologies in Bad Urach.

Magenwirth and his daughters Julie, Martha and Klara were always forward looking, even during difficult periods in the company’s history, especially during the Great Depression of 1928 and in the years until the end of the Second World War. Their husbands and their sons, e.g. Eugen Munz and Werner Auch, also drove the company forward. Fabian Auch, great-grandson of Gustav Magenwirth, is now the fourth generation of the family to be represented in the company. MAGURA always thinks ahead, creating innovative ideas for e-mobility and continuously developing existing components such as an electronically-controlled seatpost and product collaborations with other companies of MAGENWIRTH Technologies.

The Performance has been redesigned

In 1957, MAGURA took over a plastic injection moulding shop for the development of its own products and sophisticated designs. Today MAGURA produces in the state-of-the-art factory in Hülben, near Bad Urach, where the Carbotecture® and
Carbotecture SL® materials are developed and manufactured in-house. At the Hengen plant, 130 employees produce bicycle brakes, motorcycle components and industrial parts. Sister company Bebro electronics is less than half an hour’s drive from Bad Urach and provides the technical know-how for electronic assemblies, devices and systems.
MAGURA now divides its business activities into four important segments: Bike, Powersports, Controls and Composite. Over the last 30 years, MAGURA has transformed itself from a newcomer in the bike sector with the invention of the first hydraulic bicycle brakes in 1987 to a technology leader in the industry. High-tech components are manufactured from materials developed and produced in-house and are successfully used in the test winner brakes of the MT series. Historical milestones included innovations like the first electronic suspension fork adjustment ‘eLECT’, which was presented as a world innovation in 2013. In recent years, MAGURA has increasingly been involved in the electrification of the bike sector. In 2016, the world’s first wirelessly adjustable seatpost – the VYRON eLECT – set new standards, becoming a highly successful product on the cycle market.