Absa Cape Epic: Annika Langvad and Bart Brentjens celebrate their fifth overall victory

The two Specialized riders, Annika Langvad and Anna van der Breggen, also win the gold medal in the overall standings after the last two stages victories. In the category Grand Masters all stage wins go to Bart Brentjens and Abraoo Azevedo. Alan Hatherly and Matthew Beers finish in the top five.

(c) Michal červený

The eight days of racing in the heat of South Africa are in the books. The Absa Cape Epic lived up to its reputation also in 2019 – Ups and Downs, not only in the height profiles of the stages. The MAGURA riders also had to nibble on the challenging competition. On the last kilometers there was also the one or another surprise.

Gallery (c) Michal červený

Ladies duo back with usual strength

Gallery (c) Michal červený

After Annika and Anna has been beaten in the fifth stage, they were well recovered for the last few kilometers of the competition. In the sixth stage, they pulled away from their opponents soon and already tore a gap at the first mountain. They took their lead to the finish and had their fifth stage win. At the grand finale from Stellenbosch to Val de Vie en Paarl, the Danish-Dutch duo were victorious again. After 30km they had extended their lead to 1:46 minutes, but then lost the gap and pedaled along with their competitors to the last kilometer. Then they attacked, could get away and finished on the first place with a 17 second lead finally. So they won the 14th edition of the Absa Cape Epic. For Annika it was the fifth overall victory in her career, for Anna the first.

Bart Brentjens and Abraoo Azevedo also won the gold medal superiorly. The two Grand Masters completed their march in the last two days of the race –  the duo won seven of seven stages plus prologue. Signs of tiredness – no indication. They were compeletly unimpressed from their opponents and pedaled in their pace over the track.

Blums / Fini surprisingly in third place

In the last stage Sebastian Fini and Martin Blums were able to mobilize all their strength again. With only 54 seconds behind the winners, they finished on third position. With that, they finished the Absa Cape Epic with their best result and finished 15th in the overall standings.

Alan Hatherly and Matthew Beers could deliver a constant performance over the entire competition. Also in the last stages, they finished in the top ten. This was rewarded with the fifth place in the overall standings. Alan participated at the Absa Cape Epic for the first time. Therefore the result is very promising and it´s going to be exciting to see what the reigning U23 World Champion will show in this season.

Gallery (c) Michal červený

The first endurance test of the season is done and now the athletes prepare for their next races. The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup starts with the first downhill race in Maribor (SVN) in just one month.Here Loic Bruni and Ko go to the start.For many participants of the Absa Cape Epic the World Cup season in Cross-Country starts  in the middle of May in Albstadt (GER).The season opener was marked by ups and downs for the MAGURA riders and we’ll see if the injuries are fully recovered and healed until the next upcoming races.

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