4 Riders, 1 Team: This is Us.

Group photo of the #fromcoast2coast crew
Ready to Rumble: Götz. Tibor, Caro und Andi (Pictures by Tore Morhenn)

We know what lies before us – we’re going to travel from Benicassim to Bilbao on our motorcycles. That’s 1700 kilometres through the most impassable terrain, far away from workshops and civilisation. We’ll have no support and no spontaneous care packages. We’re four people who couldn’t be more different – a TV star chef, a newly-qualified motorcycle rider, a mother of three and an ex-mountain bike professional.
It’s high time we introduced ourselves…

Carolin Brandmaier

Carolin Brandmaier at MAGURACarolin is a bio-technological assistant. She’s married, has three children and is right down-to-earth. She loves mountain biking and was even a member of the Haibaike Enduro Crew until recently. BUT… and here’s something about her that very few people know – she already had an Enduro when she was younger, so she knows these motorised two-wheelers – although it was more than 20 years ago!

“I’m going on this adventure because I want to show what a team can achieve together. We’re all so different, and I believe this will help us to support one another on our long trip. It will enable us to really push the envelopes of our personal limits.” – Caro

Tibor Simai

Tibor Simai at MAGURATibor is an all-rounder and a passionate enthusiast. He started BMX racing when he was 12, and continued with 4X races and dirt-jump competitions. He later sat on the juries of the Red Bull Rampage and various slope-style contests and he recently devoted himself more and more to another passion of his… riding a motorcycle. As a child he loved to roar through the garden with his 80 cc motorcycle. He owns eight motorcycles of different types, several of which he restored and rebuilt himself – so it’s no wonder that he’s been involved with the 1000 hp editorial team for months now.

“I want to inspire people and motivate them. Every one of us can live the dream and go beyond his or her boundaries. All you have to do is turn your dreams into reality.” – Tibor

Andi Schweiger

Andi Schweiger at MAGURAAndi is the celebrity among the four daredevils – a star chef on German TV (“The Professional Chefs – at the Stove” on the RTL2 channel), he runs a cooking school in Munich together with his wife. When his long working day is over, he gets on his motorcycle… and that’s a real passion for him. Andi is a petrol head, he has petrol in his blood – and he loves adventure. The upcoming Enduro tour #fromcoast2coast is a milestone for him. It will be the first such trip he’s taken on and a long-cherished dream.

“I’m going because I want to experience my hobby of Enduro riding even more intensively. It has always been a dream for me to take part in a long Enduro adventure – and knowing that not everything is perfectly planned, and we don’t know what to expect next? That’s right up my street!” – Andi

Götz Braun

Head of Marketing at MAGURA Götz BraunGötz Braun has been our Marketing Manager at MAGURA for more than eight years now – and Götz is the one who’s responsible for the overall organisation of the trip. He’s also the oldest and most inexperienced rider in the group – he only passed his motorcycle test a few weeks ago… and the #fromcoast2coast tour is his first motorcycle tour ever. This will be a great challenge for him, involving a lot of courage and willpower. One thing is certain – the 1700 kilometres from coast to coast will take him to his own personal limits!

“I’m neither the youngest in the group, nor do I have much experience with motorcycling – I only passed my motorcycle test eight weeks ago! But I’m going on this adventure because I want to show that anyone can tackle an adventure like this, regardless of their past and their experience.” – Götz



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Group Photo with Götz Braun, Tibor Simai and Carolin Brandmaier(Pictures by Tore Morhenn)